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Family Shechter

The Shechters were a family of shochetim who lived in Klishkowitz (Bessarabia) for many generations (unlike the Elkis, Polikman and Hershtein families who left Podolya as part of the migration and escape of Jews from the Ukraine).  Indel Henoch Shechter, head of the family, married Golda and earned his livelihood as a shochet (ritual slaughterer).  Their son, Shlomo Shechter, married Chaya-Batya and inherited ownership of the Klishkowitz slaughterhouse from his grandfather.  He transferred part of this business to his son-in-law Yaakov-Yosef on his marriage to his daughter Miriam, and part to his younger son Israel.

Klishkowitz was a village on the main route between Czernowitz and Yedinitz, approximately 20 km from Novoselitz, and was established some 300 years before Yedinitz.  Prior to WWI about 300 Jewish families lived in the village, whose economy was based on trade and the processing of agricultural produce (fruit in particular).  The Jewish families included scholars and followers of the Rozhin hassidic dynasty.  The area around Klishkowitz was part of the battleground between Russia and the Austro-Hungarian Empire during WWI, and the Jews were therefore exiled to more remote areas.  However, some of them later returned to the village, among them the Shechter and Gershtein families.

Some details about Moshe and Chaya Batya Shechter's children :

Mendel Yitzhak Shechter married Matilda-Mottel Gilsker, they had seven children.  Their eldest daughter, Feige, married Yitzhak Akerman, and they had four children.  Their second daughter, Golda, married Baruch Shechter.  They and their four children perished in the 1941 deportation to Transnistria.  May God avenge them.  Their other children emigrated to North and South America and some of their offspring still live there while others live in Israel.

Miriam Shechter was born in 1872.  She married Yaakov-Yosef Gershtein (see Gershtein page).

Rivka Mirrel Shechter (grandmother of the creators of this website) was born in 1878.  She married Yaakov-Yosef Gershtein after her sister's death.  (See Gershtein page).

Shlomo Shmuel Shechter married Rivka Roitman.  Their son, Zvi-Hirsch-David Shechter and his wife Bina Zazulya, were deported to Transnistria together with their son Shlomo.  Zvi Hirsch perished in Krushinovka, Bina died in Bershad.  Their son also perished.  May God avenge them.  Their daughter Golda married Ler.  They came to Eretz Israel after the Holocaust with their two daughters and lived in Hadera.  Their daughter Batya married Baruch Elkis (see Elkis page).

Matityahu Shechter married Feige Zilberberg, and after moving around they settled in Kutin where  Matityahu worked as a shochet for the people of Klishkowitz who lived in Kutin after WWI.  Matityahu and his wife Feige, their son Moshe and his wife Chava, their grandson Zvi, as well as their daughter Golda and son Hanoch perished in Kutin during the pogroms that preceded the deportation to Transnistria in 1941.  May God avenge them.  Their son Avraham Shechter married Sara Kahaner and they emigrated to Eretz Israel in 1935, where they had a son and two daughters.  Their son Shlomo Shechter came to Eretz Israel illegally in 1939, joined Kibbutz Tirat Zvi and was killed while guarding the kibbutz fields in 1943.  May God avenge him.

Israel Shechter married Miriam Zirel Sadovnik.  He too worked as a shochet in Klishkowitz.

Israel, his wife and their daughter Chaya Batya, her husband Ben Zion Forman and their grandchildren Aryeh Leib and Sheindel perished in the deportation to Transnistria.  May God avenge them.  Their son Moshe Shechter moved to Eretz Israel in 1927, but he was unable to find employment and he moved on to Venezuela.  He married Rivka Feldman, who he knew from his younger days, and their children were Yitzhak, Malka, Shoshana and Aryeh.  In 1950 they made aliya, establishing their family here in Israel with numerous offspring.  Their daughter Malka married Avishai Yorav, grandson of Yaakov-Yosef Gershtein and Moshe Yehuda Elkis (see Gershtein and Elkis pages).  Their daughter Yudit came to Eretz Israel in 1932 together with Hanoch and Zahava Gershtein and joined Kvutzat Shachal in Rehovot.  After her marriage to Zvi Teller, they and their colleagues founded Moshav Kfar Haroeh where they worked as farmers for the rest of their lives.  They have numerous descendants, may they continue to multiply.

May God avenge the blood of all those who perished in God's name.  

Translated from the Hebrew by Michal Koor
 MK Translations - 972-2-9934827, email:  transkor@actcom.co.il