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Polikman roots Hebrew Homepage


  Who we are?----   To all our website surfers, shalom!

This website is constructed like a family tree, whose trunk is the Yorav families, among the founders of Kibbutz Tirat Zvi.  Its roots stem from Eastern Europe before the two W.W.s, and its branches are spread throughout  Eretz Israel  and the world at large.

The central axis revolves around Yisrael and Leah Yorav, first settlers and builders of kibbutz Tirat Zvi. They came to Eretz Israel from Bessarabia (Romania) in the year 1935 as family Gerstein, and joined Kvutzat Shachal. This was a group of religious pioneers, located near Rechovot.  Also at Shachal  were various other family members, some of whom moved to different parts of Israel - and another part continued later to Tirat Zvi.

After the Holocaust, and after it was known that Yisrael's parents had perished - the family changed its name to YORAV, which is a combination of the parents' names: Yosef and Rivkah.  The website provides a variety of material about the origins of both families.

Leah's family tree includes that of her mother - Tzippora, nee Polikman, and that of her father Moshe-Yehuda Elkis. (Descendants and their children).

Yisrael's family tree encompasses the family of his mother, Rivkah-Mirel, nee Schechter  and the father's family, Yaakov-Yosef Gerstein with their descendants.

The website contains family stories from the Diaspora and Eretz Israel. It includes: lists of descendants, family photos, letters and notes, as many as we were able to collect.  We have also added background stories of places where family members lived and worked, or are still doing so.  There is a family calendar, a list of the holocaust victims of our families, and other material that we received over time.  On the website one can also find projects about "family roots" prepared by children who investigated branches of the family that were personally connected to them.

The creator of the website - Moshe Yorav of Tirat Zvi, invites family members -far and wide - to add facts, photos and material of interest to our family.

Any comments are welcome as well.    You may contact us by e-mail:
Pleasant surfing !








Translated from the Hebrew by Michal Koor
 MK Translations - 972-2-9934827, email:  transkor@actcom.co.il