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  One of the first Chassidim  in our town, he was head of our family Rabbi  Avigdor z"l, son of Rabbi Baruch, son of Rabbi Mordechai, son of Yoel  , descendent  of the righteous and holy Rabbi Shimshon of Ostropol, who perished in the days of Chmelnitzki. 

Was born in the small town Solovkovitz, which is in Podolia, from there he came to our town.  The righteous grandmothe Sara z"l, stems from the Tzaddik   Rabbi Chaim of Sotonov  in Podolia.   She  was formerly Kemnitz  Podolsk (KAMYANETS - PODOLSKY) and was raised  in the home of her uncle- Rabbi Yaakov, her mother's brother.He was childless, therefore he adoptedher as his daughter.When the time of marriage came about, he mad it as his condition to the groom that he will have to live in Novoselice.

The rich, and  honored  uncle, Rabbi Yaakov- his business  becam progressively successful, and he was one of the important Chassidim of the Tzaddik Rabbi Avraham-Yaakov ztz'l  of Sadigora.

She  had business, selling flour in order to provide for her family as well as keeping house and raising the children .She was a woman of valor in the truest sense of the word.     The grandfather  hardly  ever saw a coin in front of him as he was completely devoted to serve G-d. He was  a honest ,complete and humble man. His demeanor and his  great virtues kept him away from  the secular street. His entire life was spent  inside the synagogue, in prayer and studies of the holy scriptures.   

  More than 50 years  he led the shul  sevices for the High Holidays only, in the shul of the Chassidim of Sadigora. His prayers were filled with warmth, enthusiasm from the soul, which spread sweetness  into the hearts of his listeners. Everyone wondered and asked: Where does the strength come from,  from such a thin  and weak body worn out by fasts and prayers, such  strength, which  is heartbreaking, yet brings people  to return  to the faith.    

His  good and honest sons ,Chassidim, were  wealthy  merchants, they excelled in their songs and prayers as well. They helped him at his old age, when he stood before the congregation and prayed- and his strength stayed with him. The people of the shul did not want  to do without his praying, they did not want a substitute, and remained steadfast  for his rights. The grandfather passed away at a ripe old age in the year 1923.        

 His sons: Pinchas, Shalom, Matityahu and Chaim-Baruch and their wives, his daughter: Tzippora, Puah and their husbands were killed for the sanction of Hashem by the Romanians, may their names  and memory   be embraced!   

 Three of his grandsons:  Shlomo, son of Avraham-Abba, Yeshaayahu, son of Shaul and Moshe, son of Shalom Dov fell in the defense of our country in 1948. Two of his great-grandsons (who carry his name), are  officers of the army in Brazil,  they rushed to help our nation  as  members of the armored corp and helped to free Ramla  and Lod.  They are our pride and joy!    The  merit of our fathers served the rest of the grand, and great-grandchildren  to survive the  Wars  of Israel.