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 Polikman roots Hebrew Homepage

The pictures and everything that appears on this website belongs to our family and other people also connected.

We have tried to show everyone in a good light.  Unfortunately we were unable to contact all those mentioned and obtain their permission to appear on the site.

Should anyone feel that they have been misrepresented or done an injustice, please contact the webmaster and we will make any necessary changes 

The material written, or otherwise, that appears on this website shall not be used for commercial purposes.

The contents of the site may be used for educational purposes, provided that there is no infringement of the subject's rights.

If you use material from our site for educational purposes we ask that you give us credit by naming our website.

We hope that you will find interesting material here on our website – please tell us what you used it for.

If you have any comments or question about this website, please send it to us.

We are very appreciative for any comment, error report and any other form of your feedback. Thank you !


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Translated from the Hebrew by Michal Koor
 MK Translations - 972-2-9934827, email:  transkor@actcom.co.il